A Journey

While we knew we were making a contribution to sustainability and the environment, our firm decided that we could and should do more. Equally important to the implementation of ‘sustainable’ elements are consideration of design elements that impact the health, safety, wellness and comfort of the occupants. As part of understanding how well we were addressing these issues, a group within the office instituted the LSW Green Team, an internal committee that meets regularly to analyze the success and shortcomings of our own practices, and identify strategies to improve upon them. Through an initial charette discussion, the Green Team quantified our “green” operational efforts such as recycling and reducing waste, as well as analyzed what type of sustainable and wellness practices that we typically implement in our projects. Through regular meetings, the group has brainstormed what other elements, materials and practices we ought to consider part of our LSW sustainability and wellness design ‘standard’. Although one goal is to establish a higher baseline standard, the Green Team also is interested in expanding what strategies and tools we will need to continually up our game. Through the initial efforts of this group, LSW was certified as a Clark County Green Business in 2016.

Moving forward, the Green Team identified what areas they felt would make the most impact to our projects. As a strategic initiative over the next year, the focus will be:

  • Reviewing our technical specifications
  • Expanding daylighting strategies
  • Increasing product and material research
  • Quantifying and sharing general “best practice” green design concepts
  • Improve operational office practices
  • Increasing knowledge base of building performance and metrics