Creating a sustainable, at-scale

solution to the growing housing

crisis with PathHouse

Human activity will continue to influence the health of our world. Climate change, air and water quality, and the state of natural resources are all impacted by our decisions. Motivated by our love and a sense of duty to current and future generations, we are committed to providing opportunities that will have a positive environmental impact.

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Cross-Laminated Timber

That Reduces Carbon Emissions

On a shared site, McLoughlin Middle School and Marshall Elementary School use locally sourced Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) to integrate efficient structural spans with natural textures, and to reduce the building’s impact on global warming. Transparent window walls bridge between wings of the building and punctuate main street corridors, creating direct visual access to nature and enhancing a multi-sensory experience that supports a calm, relaxed, and environmentally conscious learning environment.

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Vancouver Plaza Neighborhood Clinic

Biophilic Design

That Heals Communities

The Vancouver Plaza Neighborhood Clinic was designed with recognition that individual's mental and physical health is supported by a connection to the natural environment. The intentional use of daylight, biomorphic textures, indoor plants, and regional landscape artwork provides a sense of place and meaningful connection to the community the building serves.

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Columbia Credit Union – Ridgefield Branch

Resource Conservation

That Supports Ecosystems

As an essential part of Columbia Credit Union's operations, the building uses visually expressive features that have a measurable impact on performance, including draught tolerant native plants, rainwater harvesting, and photovoltaic solar panels.

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LEED Certified Buildings

That Raise the Bar

In keeping with the Vancouver Waterfront’s commitment to sustainable community and innovation, RiverWest was awarded LEED Platinum® Certification by the US Green Building Council; a first of its kind in Vancouver, WA for the Multifamily Midrise classification.

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Energy Efficient Systems

That Create Long-Term Savings

Breaking away from a traditional school gym, the iTech Prep turfnasium supports year-round, outdoor learning, while simultaneously reducing heating and cooling loads on the building. Integrated within the overall building form and opening towards a pastoral landscape, mesh screen walls allow fresh air to flow through the space while protecting students from the elements.

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