An Open Door for the Community

Columbia Credit Union

Columbia Credit Union - Ridgefield Branch


LSW designed Columbia Credit Union’s new Ridgefield Branch to be a welcoming, interactive hub for customer engagement. The building provides multiple access points, enabling support for a variety of service needs. This includes a customer services area in the central lobby, and drive-thru services with an ATM and a night deposit. 

Key Stats


Ridgefield, WA

Total Square Footage

3,090 SF

Completion Date


CCU Drive


Recognizing the unique natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest region and specifically Ridgefield, the building takes cues from the local climate, materials and design sensibilities. The structural system and materials further communicate a regional aesthetic with masonry, natural wood surfaces, and expressed structure. 

The massing, structure, and envelope are designed to get the most value out of materials by minimizing unique details, maximizing the spanning capabilities, economizing construction labor, and avoiding complex material transitions. 

The building materials and features put an emphasis on the Columbia Credit Union brand, colors, and patterns. The glass pyramid on the roof, a rainwater harvesting tank clad in wood planks, a glass canopy marking the building entry, a wood slat ceiling demarcating the tellers, and green accent walls are commonalities with other branches. 

CCU Wide Window

An Entry On Every Side

Although the north frontage of the site is the primary public view of the building from Pioneer St, the pedestrian access is front the south, with a primary entry to the development from the west, and parking to the east. Therefore, the building does not have a true “back” to it – all sides of the building must be considered aesthetically acceptable for public view.

The building’s entry faces south, making it visible from the access road to the south and accessible from the parking lot to the east. Solar orientation is addressed with protected windows to the West and South. Signage opportunities are created on the east and west faces of the north wing, adjacent to the Pioneer St; and on the south façade near the entry.

CCU Rainwater


As an essential part of Columbia Credit Union's operations, the building utilizes several sustainable features that are visually expressive and have measurable impacts.

  • Rainwater Harvesting System: Designed to collect one-third of the rooftop rainwater for site irrigation.

  • Daylighting: Brought to the middle of the building using a translucent pyramid that shows itself on the exterior. Large windows on the perimeter of the main space help balance the daylight.

  • Solar Photovoltaic System: An approximate eight by fourteen foot collection area that provides power to the building with a metered read-out.

  • Efficient Mechanical and Electrical Systems: HVAC system and reduced lighting loads meet Washington Energy Code requirements in C406.1

  • Enhanced Envelope Performance: Reduce loads on HVAC systems

CCU Detail

"LSW partnered with us, designing a welcoming interior environment that is healthy, private, and cheerful - both for our valued employees and the members we serve. LSW came alongside us with a design that celebrates Ridgefield’s rich natural history. Guests enjoy live-edge wood and artful design; like the mural of Ridgefield’s rolling hillsides and windows that bring daylight inside as well as glimpses of the thoughtful landscape, filled with natural foliage and a habitat for bees and a variety of bird species. A strong local collaboration that we appreciate now - and well into the future."

Steve Kenny

President and CEO, Columbia Credit Union