A Modern Take on an Urban Garden-Style Apartment

Navalia Apartments

Navalia Apartments


LSW designed this 73-unit, mixed-use apartment complex in partnership with Hurley Development. Stylistically, the project showcases our modern take on an urban garden-style apartment; while programmatically, the team also combined a complex marriage of housing, commercial, and adaptive reuse of existing structures to create one functional environment complimenting the growing downtown Vancouver neighborhood and promoting its timeless historic aesthetic.

Navalia Exterior 1
Navalia Exterior 2

Key Stats


Vancouver, WA

Total Square Footage

Residential // 50,215 SF Retail // 8,079 SF

Unit Count


Completion Date



The design team stayed focused on the owner’s overarching goal of providing as many affordable housing units as viable in order to support the ever-increasing demand within Vancouver’s urban core all while pre-serving, integrating, and enhancing an original single-story warehouse dating back to 1945, showcasing historic brick and timber structures that add a unique user experience to the space.

The majority of the units are dedicated for compact studios focusing on housing for single occupancy residents; however to expand occupancy reach, a number of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and studio lofts have been added for residents who may need additional space to live and thrive. Considering the location, aesthetics, program, and amenities, the design for this community stems from a desire to support a variety of work and lifestyle preferences ultimately connecting back to the greater convenience of downtown Vancouver.

Navalia Interior 1
Navalia Interior Lobby
Navalia Interior 5
Navalia Interior 4

Project Goals

  • To provide as many affordable housing units as possible as the site allows.

  • To efficiently and effectively use durable yet stylistic materials that form a modern and timeless character for an urban housing project.

  • Create a sense of welcoming, comfort, and curiosity for both residents and the public in the mixed-use building style.

  • To create a residential product where future occupants are eager and proud to call “home”.