Satisfying the "Happy Valley Style" of Traditional, Prairie, and Craftsman Design

Scouters Mountain Apartments

Rendering of what Scouters Mountain Apartments will look like.


An overarching owner goal of this project was to become the basis of design for multiple future surburban site opportunities while facilitating the needs of this particular location and site.  Efficiency in constructability, time/schedule, and material installation are all factors for success while adding a positive footprint of well received design to the City of Happy Valley.  Satisfying the “Happy Valley Style” of traditional, prairie, and craftsman design techniques in a modern way is also a goal to keep relevancy and offer residents a more upscale living opportunity than the dated walkups spanning the city’s pool of apartment communities.  Strong branding opportunities and lifestyle integration will also create a more powerful sense of community and sense of place/home.

Key Stats


Happy Valley, OR

Total Square Footage

239,579 SF

Unit Count


Completion Date

Anticipated 2023


Integrating site connection between the two plots and visibility/experience for visitors and potential residents were also considered.  Programming open space for resident amenities in a shared location was an important driver to create an outdoor connection to and from the resident clubhouse. The main outdoor amenities revolve around a “campground” or “scout camp” theme.  Along with smaller vignettes of seating and pergola areas, a dog run and BBQ picnic area is provided for additional options for outdoor use in addition to the main outdoor lounge with various aspects of PNW outdoor themes: with built-in fire pits, lounge/adirondack seating, climbing boulder, a “dry river”, covered BBQ and seating pavilion, and lawn game area all directly outside and accessed from the resident clubhouse space.

Scouters Mountain Render 1
Scouters Mountain Render 2