Mixed-use apartment complex

Navalia Apartments


LSW designed this 74-unit mixed-use apartment complex in partnership with Hurley Development. Stylistically, the project showcases our modern take on the “garden-style” apartment, complementing the growing Downtown Vancouver neighborhood and its timeless aesthetic. 

The design team stayed focused on the Owner’s overarching goal of providing as many affordable units as possible in order to support the ever-increasing demand within Vancouver’s urban core. The majority of units will be reserved for smaller studios focusing on housing for single occupancy residents. 

To expand occupancy reach, a number of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and studio lots have been added for residents who may need additional storage. Considering the location, aesthetics, program and amenities, the design for this complex stems from a desire to support a variety of work and lifestyle preferences.

Key Stats

Square Footage



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Design Principles

The overarching design principles are focused on how to modernize a “garden style” apartment project that fits into the growing Downtown neighborhood. Utilizing a simple form diagram of 2 interconnected gabled bars, that allowed the massing to be broken up and prioritized for more intentional hierarchy, the design is humbled to gently interact with Uptown’s residential nature as well as offers a balance of modern form and function for future residents. 

The ends of the bars provide a focal point for views and offer a dynamic change in facade that draws interest to the main entries for the retail and the residential portions of the building. The gabled roof form emulates a residential character while allowing for additional dormers to be placed extending the fa.ade up in an even and symmetrical pattern facilitating lo! apartment homes. This more refined style expresses a high design intent and timelessness that adds to the urban fabric of the Uptown neighborhood, providing a place for future residents to feel a proud sense of belonging.

Project Goals

  • To provide as many affordable housing units as possible as the site allows.

  • To efficiently and effectively use durable yet stylistic materials that form a modern and timeless character for an urban housing project.

  • Create a sense of welcoming, comfort, and curiosity for both residents and the public in the mixed-use building style.

  • To create a residential product where future occupants are eager and proud to call “home”.