A Mission to End Homelessness in Kalispell, MT

Samaritan House Family Living Apartments

Samaritan House Family Living Apartments


Samaritan House is on a mission to end homelessness in Kalispell, Montana and, with decades of time dedicated to this effort, they have a track record of doing just that. Now, they seek to take their mission even further through the creation of Samaritan House Family Living Apartments, an 18-unit, multifamily community aimed at providing affordable housing to families at risk of homelessness or emerging from homeless status.

Key Stats


Kalispell, MT

Total Square Footage

23,675 SF

Unit Count


Completion Date

Anticipated 2023


Located on a flat 51,000 square foot site near the heart of Kalispell, previously used as a US Army Armory and donated to Samaritan House, Samaritan House Family Living Apartments will offer its residents a convenient location to downtown services and local amenities while simultaneously providing privacy, security, and comfort. With more than 17,000 square feet of landscaping, the site contains a plethora of natural amenities including a pollinator garden, playground, trike path, and BBQ. The community building serves as the heart of the community and provides residents with access to an indoor and outdoor community gathering space, computers, bike storage, lounge, kitchenette, and welcoming laundry facilities. A community focused on empowerment, Samaritan House Family Living Apartments has been designed with a focus on evidence-based and trauma-informed design, placing the residents’ experience front and center. As a whole, the project aims to restore, empower, and nurture families to achieve long-term economic, social, and familial stability.

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