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The Hammond Kitchen & Craft Bar

Looking at the host stand as you walk into the Hammond


The Hammond Kitchen and Craft Bar is a modern interpretation of the traditional “bar and grill” experience. The space combines classic, cozy and durable Pacific Northwest inspired elements with an open layout that removes traditional barriers between the kitchen and seating area. The result is a multi-sensory dining experience that reflects the owner’s passion for bringing people together, for any occasion, in a comfortable environment that feels welcoming to all.

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Camas, WA

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Aesthetically and materially, the restaurant mimics the natural textures found in Camas. The open wood-fired grill is warm, moody and fragrant, casting layers of light while appealing to the sense of smell. This also creates a visual contrast with the metal, brick walls and cast glass. 

From a padded seat in a cozy nook or on the patio, you can look out at the trees and feel truly connected to your surroundings. This home-grown theme is carried through across the menu, which is made largely from local ingredients, creating a fully cohesive and authentic experience.

Looking at the bar top at the Hammond Kitchen
A stack of hard woods used for cooking and the Expo Line from the kitchen.
A both with two people sitting in it with the bar in the background.