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Clark College, Comprehensive Plan, Boschma Farms

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LSW worked with McKay Sposito to develop a comprehensive plan for the future North Campus of Clark College, Boschma Farms. The expansive, 60-acre site offers students, staff, and visitors a multi-sensory experience that combines the best natural elements and views of the Pacific Northwest with a dynamic program that pairs learning with recreation.

Key Stats

Square Footage

2613600 (60 Acres)



Community Inclusion

During the early stages of the project, the LSW team led stakeholders from the college and surrounding community through a process of discovery and analysis that helped identify guiding values and goals for the campus. Highlights included a sense of connection to the outdoors and to neighboring suburbs of Ridgefield, making it an accessible place for learning, reflection, and focus. Using these findings as a map, the comprehensive plan’s design elements aimed to pay tribute to things most desired by the community. These were centered around environmental integration, easily accessible public transit, and using the College as a space for community events.

Phasing Concepts

The plan for this undeveloped site strategically placed buildings in locations to support views of the surrounding mountains and maximize daylighting throughout school hours. Because of the size and scope of the project, the long range development would go through an evolution as the site became populated with more facilities.

It would transition from a stand-alone building, to a pair of buildings, to a cluster that is organized around a courtyard. Each phase would be required to provide a building, parking, and landscaping that feels complete and cohesive.

Important wetlands were enhanced to promote harmony between the built elements and existing ecosystem, and to create a pedestrian friendly natural environment that extends through the campus. When fully implemented, the phased project will support six academic buildings organized around a central courtyard and five buildings that will engage the local community businesses.

The comprehensive plan set a vision for principals, themes, and goals that the new campus would follow as it develops over the next 50-plus years.