As architects, we’re intuitive listeners
who love the challenge of facilitating the
it takes to provide innovative solutions and
smart design. In the end, our projects build
stronger community and benefit
everyone involved.

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At LSW, we are more than the sum of our collective experiences. Our people are the foundation behind our values, our principles and our dedication to improving our world through good design and purpose-driven practices.

Spencer Anderson


CPHC | LEED Green Associate

Worldly travel at a young age exposed me to new cultures and unfamiliar environments, sparking my interest in architecture and design as a venue to create thriving spaces for others to enjoy.  I have found my niche in housing design – it is rewarding to pour effort into something that one day will be called “home”.

Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors: winter skiing, summer hikes, and everything in-between.

Alternate Career:  The next Anthony Bourdain

Gordon Beck

After years of teaching, I continued my strong desire to work in the education field by becoming an expert in school capital planning and finance.  It is highly satisfying seeing the reactions of entire communities, especially the students, as they experience student learning in a new or remodeled school environment.  Entire communities can become rejuvenated.

Staying true to my Montana roots, I love the outdoors, particularly fly fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and golf.

Alternate Career: Staying healthy to enjoy kids and grandkids!

Nicole Becker


Associate AIA | LEED Green Associate

I stumbled upon architecture in college, after realizing its potential to merge several of my passions into one. I am inspired by the subconscious and phenomenological effects of built spaces and challenging perceptions of architecture’s potential to impact lives.

When I’m not hiking and camping with my husband and two dogs, you can find me buried in a good book, practicando mi español, learning a new instrument or traveling.

Alternate Career: Travel Writer

Lydia Burns



My interest in architecture is the natural result of exposure to my parents’ professions as an engineer and a social worker/watercolor artist. Originally hailing from the East Coast, I enjoy broadening my horizons in the Pacific Northwest design community.

Outside of my career, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three busy children, traveling to new places, eating delicious food, hiking, gardening, and cooking for my family.

Alternate Career:  Pastry chef

Shannon Carlton


As a talker, I am passionate for recounting stories. Photography has always been my special outlet to do so. Growing up, I’d pore over National Geographic Magazines and it fostered within me a special love for imagery. When memory gets fuzzy or I have trouble describing something, pictures make up for any of those gaps. So cool!

I enjoy adventuring with my fiance’, hiking, camping, playing trombone, scuba-diving, art, and trying new things!

Alternate Career: Nascar Driver

Trevor Chayce



Architecture intrigues me through its ability to give others a sense of “home”.  Every design opportunity is a puzzle; discovering a successful design and how to construct it keeps this profession an ever-growing passion of mine.

Outside of the office, I stay active through CrossFit, jiu-jitsu, and rock climbing. I am an adventurer, happy to tackle a bucket list of new experiences and places to travel with my fiance’.

Alternate Career: Red Bull athlete

Tim Cowan

Discovering opportunities for human connectivity motivates me.  Architecture allows me to connect people and ideas, strengthen networks, and identify and act upon common goals for the mutual success of numerous groups.

I love the outdoors: exploring the Pacific NW, hiking, and gardening with my family. I have a strong connection with music and enjoy playing guitar as well as booking shows for regional and national musicians and artists.

Alternate Career: Music booking agent

Kristina Daarud



As a native of Clark County, I enjoy that architecture gives me the ability to positively-impact my community, continuing its legacy of being a great place to live and raise my family.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family.  Whether we are outside participating in a triathlon, or cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, there is no place I would rather be.

Alternate Career: Teacher

Chad Daruud



Growing up in England, I visited architectural masterpieces throughout Europe, resulting in my passion for architecture.  I enjoy architecture’s balance of creative and technical aspects, and I am excited daily to positively impact our community through my profession.

In addition to spending time with my beautiful wife and two daughters, I enjoy kite flying, bowling, cars, and traveling.  My favorite activity is cooking Saturday morning breakfast for my girls.

Alternate Career: Teacher, architecture professor

Evelini Downs


After some youthful trial and error, I realized Interior Design fulfills my need to create, plan, and organize. Designing beautiful, functional, and engaging spaces for the community is what I strive for.

My heart is full when I’m with my baby and husband. I love being with my family, and sharing good food, laughter, and stories. Traveling the world and getting a full night’s sleep are favorite pastimes that have become increasingly rare.

Alternate Career: Teacher on a South Pacific island

Melissa Guarin



Having the internal passion of drawing, tinkering, building, problem solving, and questioning – what could this be? It was natural for me to appreciate and love architecture.  I enjoy exploring and seeking solutions for the challenges of creating spaces for people to thrive in.  I believe in order to be a great architect one must have a continuum in evolving and growing of self through the global world we live.

I love to explore and learn!  As an explorer, seeking the breath-taking sunrises about the clouds, discovering the amazing waterfalls and lush vistas of the PNW, playing spider-man rock climbing, relaxing hammock time, board gaming, to exciting my taste buds through the culinary delight of the PNW, or being an Iron chef at home.

Alternate Career: Mountain Guide

Ming Hui Bon Hoa



Having recently moved to the Northwest from the East coast, I find that the approach towards our built environment is open to different challenges. In urban areas where green spaces are amenity spaces, in the presence of outdoor spaces the buildable spaces become amenities. One of today’s challenge is to maintain that fine balance between nature and our built environment.

I enjoy the outdoors, museums, sketching, food of course and being with my family.

Alternate Career: Lacquer Painter

Drew Jepsen



I studied architecture because I felt it was a good fit for my talents and abilities. I enjoy the challenges and love that I get to bring myself fully to engage design problems. Finding beautiful responses to the issues at hand is what keeps me going.

When not at a desk, I enjoy traveling, reading, making music, and exploring outside.

Alternative Career: Music Producer

Lauren Johnson



Growing up, the built environment of my schools had a big impact on my educational experiences.  As an architect, I hope to similarly create positive experiences for those who inhabit the spaces I help design.

I love spending time with my wife, six kids and grandkids.  I enjoy time in nature: hiking, camping and fishing. I also enjoy artistic endeavors when I am able.

Alternate Career:  Inventor and artist

Karen Knauss


AIA | LEED Green Associate

Building blanket forts and playing with Legos were things I loved doing with friends as a kid. Some things have changed, but the concept is the same, I still enjoy working with a team to create environments that serve the community and its individuals.

With my family, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, traveling, and, if I have a quiet moment, you’ll find me immersed in a good book.

Alternate Career: Roller Derby

Christian Korta

My pursuit of architecture has spanned most of my school life.  In high school, I’d often sketch my designs on the backs of my assignments.  I believe that architecture is the stage of our lives, and I am motivated to create a more beautiful stage.

My other interests include camping, rock climbing, running, biking, hiking, and, you know…general adventuring!  I also share a passion for professional photography with my fiance’.

Alternative Career: Story photographer

Cherise Lakeside



I fell into spec writing by accident after a high school job as a receptionist at a construction company.  I love the challenge of bringing the entire project team together in a collaborative process to achieve shared goals and a better built environment. My motto is ‘Total World Domination’.

When I am not in the office, you will find me on a quest for the most authentic life possible, feeding my inner child, watching the Cowboys and the Yankees, spending time with family,, speaking in the AEC arena, teaching, traveling, trying a new craft beer or enjoying some great live music.

Alternate Career: Writing human interest stories

Alex Lawson



I have always been passionate about the arts, but I found my love for architecture in high school; my grandfather got me hooked after showing me floor plans he designed as an architect. I find it extremely rewarding to improve my community through my job.

My free time is spent with my husband, my partner in crime for discovering the Northwest, impromptu road trips, binge-watching Netflix, and friendly photography competitions.

Alternate Career: World-traveling photographer

Vaughn Lein


When I was young, my brother was studying to become a civil engineer.  While I admired his studies, I wanted to take the design portion up a notch, therefore, I chose architecture.

As one of LSW’s founding partners, I am deeply invested in the success of LSW and our clients.  Though retired from being a Principal, I enjoy helping LSW continue to become a leading architectural firm through our projects and our community involvement.

Alternate Career: Helping the community through work with local non-profits, while continuing to do what I can to help make LSW great

Esther Liu



For as long as I can remember, architecture has always been my passion. I decided to become an architect in the fourth grade and have never looked back. I am excited about practicing in the growing Vancouver/Portland community.

When I am not working, my life revolves around my two active daughters. I also enjoy the outdoors with my husband, traveling, painting, guitar, piano, and photography.

Alternate Career: National Geographic photographer

Keith Livie


I enjoy figuring out how to put buildings together to achieve the client’s, and our, vision of the building.  Building design requires coordination of many elements in order for all the pieces to work together.

I enjoy my time away from work.  I have two sports cars that I love driving on the back roads of Oregon and Washington…the more curves, the better.  I also like snow skiing and boating.

Alternate Career:  Race car driver

Don Luthardt



Contributing my professional skills for the benefit of others is what gives me the most satisfaction in my job as an architect.  The fortunate result is being able to establish and maintain good, lasting relationships with clients, contractors and colleagues that are invaluable.

I enjoy being with my wife and 4 kids, playing and writing music, camping, and paddleboarding.

Alternate Career:  Forest ranger

Garrett Morrison

When your dad – the builder – drags you to job sites on weekends to “get you out of the house”, it’s torture when you’re ten, but two decades later it’s why I’m here. Dad taught me a love for hard work and initiative, solving problems, building beauty and functionality, and most importantly – serving people. As it turns out, Dad taught me to practice Architecture, and every day I’m grateful.

My amazing wife Sarah and I have a boy and three girls – seven, six, four, and two. I have an unreasonable passion for yardwork and all things tech. I love Montana – it’s home.

Alternate Career: Technology Writer

Jason Olson



The profession of architecture, while humbling at times, provides the daily challenge of quarterbacking a large team of design/engineering professionals all with the same goal of a great project and a happy client.  I love the journey that each project presents and get great satisfaction from the process.

When I’m not working I enjoy anything fitness related, camping with my family, and refereeing NCAA Volleyball.

Alternate Career:  Professional athlete

Megan Olson



Architecture first caught my interest as a 6th grade student.  Today I am excited to be working in Vancouver and to be a part of what is going on in this growing community.  I love that my job goes beyond the doors of my office and impacts our world.

I enjoy running, hiking, music/violin, baking, reading, and spending time out-of-doors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Alternate Career:  Blueberry picker

Shanan Pickett


I grew up playing with my father’s drafting tools, designing my dream home.  As an adult, my merchandising degree taught me about the hard work and dedication that goes into creating functional beauty.  I enjoy my role supporting LSW’s architects and designers in creating functional and beautiful spaces.

Away from work, I love spending time with my family.  I live for that first cup of coffee and a good book on a stormy day!

Alternate Career: Owner of a coffee shop/book store in a small coastal community

Scott Randall

From a young age, I’ve enjoyed drawing and building with my hands.  When considering a career, I combined the two interests in my decision to pursue architecture.  I love the look and environment of a beautifully-designed space and I enjoy creating that for others.

My free time is spent doing projects around the house and exploring the outdoors.  I enjoy any activity on the water, running, and bicycling.

Alternate Career: Furniture designer/builder

Stefani Randall

I have always been intrigued by the experience of space and human interaction. I love that architecture provides the platform to create an inspiring human experience through the design.

Outside of work, my two lovely daughters keep me busy.  I enjoy finding new places to explore, new restaurants, and new parks or tide pools.  I love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, found in the landscape, sunsets and clouds.

Alternate Career: Psychologist or landscape designer

Kyle Rogers

I have always viewed architecture as an opportunity for creative expression within a complex puzzle.  I find the design process rewarding, especially given how buildings can positively impact the community and influence the world.

My free time is spent with my beautiful wife, Natalie, exploring the Portland/Vancouver area, eating good food, or kicking back for a movie and popcorn. I also enjoy, cars, snowboarding, and all things basketball – Go Warriors!

Alternate Career: Travel Channel host

Merry Saari


I have always enjoyed social interactions and business processes, prompting me to pursue public relations and business development. I feel lucky to be part of an industry that enhances the community through the beauty of architectural design.

Outside of work, I love surrounding myself with my two daughters, family and friends. I love anything relating to health and fitness.  Also, I LOVE EATING GOOD FOOD…circling back to that health/fitness part.

Alternate Career: RAW juice maker

Mark Schlichting



Constructing things has always interested me.  Architecture allows me to experience the best of two worlds through the process of creating concepts with people and transforming those ideas into built reality.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, hiking and fishing.

Alternate Career: Fishing guide

Mack Stromme


Growing up, I was always encouraged to be creative. My parents are both creative people; my mom is an elementary school art teacher and my dad has always loved building things with his hands.  So, from a young age design is something I’ve valued, seeing it as an opportunity to creatively influence the way we communicate and interact with the world around us.  I love it.

To give my eyes a break from the computer screen though, I enjoy spending time with family, wakeboarding, snowboarding, playing music, or relaxing in a big tree with lots of hammocks and friends.

Alternate Career: I’ve always thought it would be awesome to work for Pixar as one of the people who adds sounds to animated movie

Kourtney Strong



When I was a child, our family house underwent a significant renovation, spurring my fascination with architecture.  Today, architecture continues to inspire me through its combination of creativity and technicality and through the process of transforming something from idea to built reality.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I love traveling the world, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and finding new local spots in Portland.

Alternate Career: Travel guide

Trevor Weltzer

The built environment is ubiquitous, inescapable, shapes the fabric of our daily lives and merges artistry with engineering. It is as complex as all the people and context that intersect with it – which also keeps it exciting and new.

I’m a sucker for a story, whether it’s a movie, video game or a good old-fashioned paperback.  When I need a break from the imaginary, I cook, brew, hike, travel and take on projects slightly bigger than I can realistically manage.

Alternate Career: Game Design

Terry Werdel



I’ve always loved to make things – stories, drawings, models, spaces….things that not only have purpose, but also beauty, and are not merely assembled, but created.   I want to add something to the world, something that wasn’t there before – something beneficial, something beautiful.

I enjoy reading, writing, and working in the yard, but my passion since childhood has been building plastic models.

Alternate Career: Realistically, a writer or teacher…but who wouldn’t want to be a test pilot?

Clare Willson


Certified Kolbe™ Consultant

I was fortunate to grow up in a family that values education, creativity, and adventure. As a child, I was keenly aware of the special contributions made by artists and architects. As an educator, I have experienced the impact that the physical environment has in teaching and learning. I am proud to be a part of a team that is committed to excellent design in our classrooms, schools, community, and beyond.

Outside of the office, you can find me in the garden hanging out with my chickens, daydreaming about travelling to exotic places, in the kitchen learning new recipes, or throwing pots (in my studio not in the kitchen).

Alternative Career: Potter

Isabelle Willson


I love making people laugh.  Working at LSW’s front desk lets me do that daily!  I also get to learn new things and form relationships with fun people – you can’t beat that!

I have an undying love for all things music, and I try to travel to Disneyland twice a year. Friends and family are extremely important so you’ll either find me with them or snuggling my dog Jack.

Alternate Career: Amusement park reviewer/mother/travel blogger

Ralph Willson



My parents instilled in me that we are all blessed with gifts and talents.  I found mine in the arts, math, and science and I discovered architecture to be a beautiful blend of the gifts and talents I was given.

When I am not working, you may find me traveling, fly-fishing, or riding motorcycles, but more likely spending time with my wife, enjoying family and our grandchildren.

Alternate Career: Teacher and coach

Heather Winkel


After several years in business administration, I realized I wasn’t satisfied, leading me to interior design.  Now, I truly love what I do and I find fulfillment in creating spaces that positively impact the feelings, emotions, and lives of others.

I cherish my relationships with friends and family.  Family, of course, includes my two amazing four-legged “dog children”.  I crave adventure, new experiences, and laughter.

Alternate Career: Veterinarian

Farleigh Winters


Associate AIA | LEED Green Associate

I happened upon architecture in college, finding that it married several of my favorite subjects: math, art, and human interaction. I am attracted to architecture because of its ability to affect human experience through things that are meaningful and beautiful.

Outside of work I enjoy being active – biking, dancing, or playing basketball – and engaging with people. I am an avid word-gamer, leisure-reader, and people-watcher.

Alternate career: High school math teacher and softball coach

Shara Wokal



My profession developed from an eclectic background of accounting/finance, HR, project management, and general leadership.  In each area, my employers gave me flexibility to learn and expand my “tool box.”  It is this flexibility that energizes me each day.

Outside of work, I enjoy exercise through MMA, Barre, Hiit, and yoga.  On the weekends, it is not uncommon for me to take “downtime” literally, staying in bed for a day to watch movies and read.

Alternate Career: A lawyer

Casey Wyckoff



I guess to put it simply, I love what I do. I get to live and work in a community that is striving to become something great. It’s not about what I can do, but more about what can I be a part of.

I enjoy time with my family, running, good food, coaching, art and skiing.

Alternate Career: Chef

Brent Young



When I was young, I was amazed to learn that people could decide what their buildings would be like and my career direction was set. I still am amazed by the opportunity to create utility, sensibility, and beauty in our built environment.

When I can break away from my drafting board, I enjoy travelling in foreign lands, camping in the mountains, and anything that involves being with my family.

Alternate Career: Photographer for National Geographic

Kurt Zenner



Though I grew up on a ranch on the Palouse in Idaho surrounded by stunning beauty, I found that I was always more interested in old barns, homesteads and buildings than I was with the crops and animals. I have designed learning environments for over 20 years and I find the creation of buildings that empower students to learn to be very satisfying. Schools have many different types of spaces to consider and every client is unique. This variety and commitment to students and lifelong learners keeps me coming back for more.

I spend a lot of time with my wife, Michaell. We like to cook and travel. I like to spend time in the garden or in the pages of a good book. Favorite places are Mexico and the Canadian Rockies!

Alternate Career: Pastry Chef or Baker