How LSW Uses Kolbe™ and PRINT® to Unlock Creativity

January 19, 2021

Creativity and passion can’t be faked or manufactured, but they can be nurtured. To help everyone at LSW feel motivated and energized by projects they’re working on, we spend a lot of time trying to understand our team members. Not just their strengths, habits, and preferences, but really learning what makes each of us tick and what type of work inspires our creative energy. 

For nearly two decades, the Kolbe™ and PRINT® systems have been our most effective tools to promote this type of self-understanding. They allow us to take a holistic, strengths-based approach to building project teams, pairing those complimentary skills to create the best experience for everyone - clients and teams.  

To unpack why and how LSW uses both tools in harmony, we’ve asked Clare Willson and Alexis Bond, our resident strategists, to outline the major highlights and differences between Kolbe™ and PRINT®.

The Kolbe™

The Kolbe™ System measures and validates a person’s natural, instinctive talents. Your Kolbe™ result shows 'how' you will take action when free to do things your way. Everyone is creative; Kolbe™ identifies the pattern of our creativity. Everyone also has a sweet spot for problem solving, which draws from that creativity. Knowing your Kolbe™ validates your unique problem-solving talents, uncovering your mode of operation that drives success.  


The PRINT® System reveals the 'why' behind what you do. You have a set of Best Self and potential Shadow behaviors based on what motivates you. Knowing your PRINT® helps you understand your positive, Best Self traits as well as your potential Shadow side.

There are unique Triggers for each of the types. Knowing your Triggers as well as those of your teammates helps cut through unnecessary drama and unproductive situations. PRINT® also teaches you how to change your habitual behavior patterns by understanding the relationship between your Best Self and Shadow. 

“Your Kolbe™ result shows how you will take action when free to do things your way.”

What makes one different from the other?

There are three parts of the mind: the cognitive (thinking), the affective (feeling), and conative (doing). While there is no correlation between your Kolbe™ and your PRINT® results, the PRINT® is about motivation and why we do what we do, and the Kolbe is about how we take action. 

The creative process starts with motivation. Unless someone is motivated and committed to take action, we will never see their striving instincts. We use them together because they speak to two separate parts of the mind. If a person is working very hard, but it’s against their grain, they will feel stress. We use Kolbe™ to identify a person’s strengths so that they are able to work with their natural talents. 

“You have a set of Best Self and potential Shadow behaviors based on what motivates you.”

What are the benefits to using both systems to build teams? 

We use PRINT® to gain a deep understanding of a person’s motivation and how to help people get their needs met so that they will be able to thrive in every way. By looking at the three parts of the mind, we have a framework to understand how to handle any situation.  

By giving teams insight into their own and each others’ strengths and motivations, it relieves tension, anxiety and frustration - mainly because we know how to work with each other. When we use Kolbe™ with our clients or consultants, they get a deeper understanding of self, team, and depth of relationship. They feel more confident moving forward. It allows them to work within their capabilities. 

It does take time for people to learn a new language and framework, but the tools are powerful and once people start to see better results, they want to learn more about PRINT®/Kolbe™ and how it applies to their team. It also takes vulnerability to share your strengths, talents, best self, shadow with your team. Sometimes people are a little reluctant at first. It’s all about trust and these tools will help you learn to trust yourself more and to trust your teammates as well. 

If you're interested in PRINT® and Kolbe™ workshops, connect with our partners at Riff_Creative.

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