Treat The Issues Not The Symptoms stated by Dig Deep organization based in Vancouver, Washington


Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Written September 30, 2021 by LSW Admin

As we reach the final day of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, it reminds us to continue to serve as a mental health advocate in our industry every day. Our creative counterparts at Riff had the opportunity to work with the organization Dig Deep. Focused on advocating for the mental health of the general contractor community, Dig Deep has a vision of a revitalized workforce that holds emotional wellness as the foundation for hard work.

“The construction industry has one of the highest suicide rates compared to other industries,” cites the CDC, pointing to numbers that are 5 times higher than the national average. Whether it’s from burn-out and work-related issues, financial stress, or untreated mental health conditions, the silence of those who suffer is deafening when you consider the pain this causes every year.

According to Dip Deep's research, it was found that depression affects a person's ability to complete tasks about 20% of the time, which is 1 out of 5 work days. Depression will also reduce a person's cognitive performance by approximately 35% of the time, which is 1.75 days out of a 5 day work week. However, reduced job related accidents, fewer sick days, decreased resignations, improved team building dynamics, and increased productivity is seen when employees receive adequate treatment.

So, we ask ourselves: "If you could design and build your best 'you,' what would it look like?" It’s a truly brave move to seek help when you need it. Our hope is that more employers, more teams, more friends, and more families are able to have honest conversations that make this step easier to take.

Please visit, to learn more how employers or yourself can get involved with the Dig Deep program.