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The Vancouver Clinic

The Vancouver Plaza Neighborhood Clinic


Vancouver Clinic is the largest private, multispecialty clinic in Clark County, serving a fast-growing population. Its team of 1,200 employees offer a transformative approach to treatment, pairing traditional medicine with care outside of the medical sphere. The Vancouver Plaza Neighborhood Clinic was the first of two planned neighborhood locations in partnership with Humana, with a shared goal of improving the quality of care and access to medical services.

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The Vancouver Clinic
The Vancouver Clinic

Whole-body Wellness

To mirror Vancouver Clinic’s holistic approach to healthcare, our design centered on ideas and elements that promote comfort. We aimed to create a calming environment, interweaving a lot of the principles that inform the design of spas and community centers. The clinic is rich in warm, natural light and earthy textures, creating a spa-like atmosphere that feels inviting. Our goal was to design a simple, clean and enduring space; a neutral palette with lots of wood tones and pops of color introduced in more easily replaceable elements like furniture and plants.

As an extension of the spa-like theme, we turned the clinical notion of a waiting room upside down. Instead of rows of seats in a separate hall, where one waits for their number to be called, there is comfy seating, coffee tables, places to play board games and build puzzles, and rooms for community events and wellness classes.

The Vancouver Clinic


In addition to setting a relaxed tone, it was equally important to maintain the divisions of privacy and technological standards anyone associates with a best-in-class medical facility. This was accomplished through the creation of flexible spaces that can open up or be closed off, both acoustically and visually, giving patients and healthcare professionals a range of options when providing care.

With flexibility in mind, the building’s program expanded to include social spaces for group activities that focus on mental and emotional health, such as classes, wellness presentations, exercise classes, and individual or group counseling. These mixed-use spaces can be opened and connected to one another, depending on the size of the events planned.

"There has been a remarkable response to the Vancouver Neighborhood Clinic. People are always surprised by how comfortable, calm, and inviting the clinic is with its natural light and living room feel."

Mark Mantei

Chief Executive Officer, The Vancouver Clinic

Vancouver Clinic
Vancouver Clinic

A Sense of Place

The LSW Interior Studio was inspired by the biophilic design elements, which provide a sense of connection to the natural world. Recognizing how much people’s mental and physical health is supported by a connection to the natural environment, we wanted to create a space that fosters this relationship. Conceptually, the design was inspired by a city park, utilizing biophilic design elements such as natural textures, variations, daylight and plants, as well as local scenery in artwork and graphics. The result is a sense of place and meaningful connection to the community.

Vancouver Clinic