Four medical practices under one roof

Three Creeks Medical Center

A side angled facing view of the Three Creeks Medical Center


The Three Creeks Medical Center brings four medical practices under one roof. LSW worked with the owners (and future tenants) to design the building core and shell as well as individual tenant build outs.

Key Stats

Total Square Footage

14,000 SF

Completion Date



The owners’ goal was to provide an easily-identifiable facility that feels welcoming and easy-to-navigate, along with adequate parking for visitors and staff. During the initial planning stages, LSW completed many studies to identify and strike the ideal balance between building sizes and the amount of parking. Ultimately, a two-story, 29,000 sf footprint was developed with two tenants on each floor.

The building exterior is a combination of parallel, solid masonry walls that intersect with contrasting light-weight metal, which is comprised of clad walls speckled with varied window sizes and placements. Glazing at the corners of the building and main entry invite patrons into the building during the day and light it at night for maximum visibility.

From the parking lot, patrons enter a two-story lobby where wood paneling clads the underside of the building canopy and creates a focal wall for the prominent stairs. The wood is reclaimed from trees on the site that were removed during construction creating a warm and welcoming entry.

Each of the tenant office entries is visible from the lobby, making it easy for visitors to identify their destination. In developing the individual tenant improvement layouts, LSW worked with the medical staff to analyze their existing office needs, create opportunities for growth, and ultimately deliver an interior layout that would best fit their needs.

Looking at one of the Tenants at the Three Creeks Medical Center
Looking at the Guard Railing
Stairs and Elevator