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LSW transformed an existing, but unused auto repair shop and warehouse space into the new Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) headquarters office and warehouse in Downtown Vancouver. This began with reimagining the space and identifying ways to make it safe, energy-efficient, and functional. At the same time, we needed to design with PEC’s culture of innovation and service in mind, making its client-facing and service needs a key design consideration. 

Key Stats


Vancouver, WA

Total Square Footage

16,000 SF

Completion Date


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This former site of Eagle Street Automotive was remodeled and branded to become a modern, energy efficient home to one of the nation’s most innovative energy optimization companies, PEC. Capitalizing on the company’s expertise in the field of energy conservation and sustainability, Hurley Development partnered with PEC and LSW to create one of the best creative office spaces in the city by reclaiming an old, blighted, industrial building and turning it into a nearly 16,000-square-feet space that they proudly call their headquarters. 


When approaching the design for PEC’s new home in Vancouver, LSW needed to create adequate and accessible storage solutions for PEC’s vast inventory, while bringing customer-facing spaces to the forefront of the site. To ensure the two environments support one another, we designed several meeting and breakout spaces that deliver the privacy and acoustic quality needed in a traditional office.

Throughout the course of this Tenant Improvement project, we conducted seismic upgrades and reinforcements, fire and safety upgrades, and allowed for the addition of a second floor. Most notably, we re-skinned the exterior and replaced all the windows to maximize natural daylighting.

PEC Office
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To make sustainability a key consideration with every project, we organize our efforts into the following categories: Energy Efficiency, Embodied Carbon, Human Health, and Resource Conservation. Each category is associated with goals, processes, and metrics that we use to hold ourselves accountable to our clients, our community, and to current and future generations. In alignment with our sustainability benchmarks for projects, the following features were implemented at Pacific Energy Concepts:

Energy Efficiency

  • Replaced existing single-pane windows with double-pane

  • Insulated and replaced roof to improve thermal envelope

  • LED lighting for task lighting as well as featured accents

  • Balanced daylighting provided through space with tubular skylights

  • Ceiling fans provided for cooling and destratification of air

Embodied Carbon 

  • Reuse of existing building

Human Health

  • Program spaces to support work-life balance:

    • Fitness space

    • Kitchenette and collaboration space

    • Roof amenity deck

    • Shower room

  • Access to daylight and views

  • ADA upgrades

  • Access to outdoors via first floor and second floor roof deck

Resource Conservation 

  • The team worked with existing structural grid to save the original timber structure

  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures

To read more about sustainability at LSW, download our Sustainability Action Plan here.