A Non-Profit Leader in Music Education & Excellence

North Valley Music School


The North Valley Music School is the only non-profit music school in Montana and distinguishes itself as a leader in music education and excellence. The school’s vision is to provide high-quality music instruction and seek innovative ways to make music education a part of everyday lives with the belief that everyone has the potential to experience, enjoy, create, and develop a lasting love of music.

Key Stats


Whitefish, MT

Total Square Footage

8,100 SF

Completion Date

Anticipated 2025


Through community and owner engagement, our team conceptualized a design that mirrored the landscape and its inhabitants by taking inspiration from the sound wave. We see this up-and-down pattern woven into the natural world all around us through ridgelines, rivers, and the line of a heartbeat. We also hear it in the peaks, valleys, twists, and turns that make a song so beautiful and exciting. As we imagined future generations continuing this legacy of learning, playing, and creating music in the space, we felt they deserved a home that reflects and speaks to the patterns surrounding them, inspiring them to enter and contribute to the song of the valley.
The proposed new school will be approximately 8,100 SF with spaces for teaching, practice, recital, administrative, and utility spaces. The exterior materials are designed to provide a beautiful, high-quality, and sustainable facility that inspires the community around it.