Inspiration from the historic homes

Evergreen Rowhomes

A street view of the Row Homes of Evergreen Blvd


Drawing inspiration from the historic detailing of the nearby Officer’s Row homes, the Evergreen Rowhomes are upscale housing units that replaced previously-unoccupied homes.  Comprising 12 units, the Rowhomes encourage pedestrian connections to Downtown Vancouver, while complementing the historic nature of the Hudson’s Bay community.

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Vancouver, WA


This project is significant in that it brought new construction of owner-occupied homes into an established neighborhood two blocks east of historic Officer’s Row in Vancouver. It also contributed to the City’s goals of increasing density, reducing the impact of automobiles in neighborhoods, and connecting pedestrians with area parks.


Looking at the homes today, the aesthetic and quality has stood up well to time and maintained appeal, even as the area around it has grown quickly. The upscale rowhomes replaced two units of older housing stock. While not “period style” architecture, the new housing reflects historical details such as copper-clad roofing, bay windows, asphalt shingles that mimic a shake-shingle roof, and specific color tones. Tall, vertical window fenestration and transom windows reflect design elements found on Officer’s Row.

This is the End View of the Row Homes of Evergreen Blvd
The west corner view of the Row Homes off Evergreen Blvd
Looking west at the back side and gauges of the Row Homes off Evergreen Blvd