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Evergreen Public Schools ‘Prototype’ Model

LSW Architects partnered with Evergreen Public Schools to develop a cost-effective prototype model for seven of its elementary schools in Vancouver, Washington.


Key Stats


Evergreen Public Schools


Vancouver, WA

Total Square Footage

62,000 SF


Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP)

Completion Date



A view from the second floor looking down on the big learning stairs and the break area.
the second floor of the learning area at the EPS prototype building looking down a hallway to class rooms
Looking up from the first floor to the second floor at the learning area and the stairs

Additional Design Concepts

Learning Stair that serves as a place for lunch, large presentations, small group presentations, reading, performances, etc.
Looking at an entry to the classroom at the Evergreen Public Schools Prototype buildings
Learning Streets that are the heart of the classroom zone and extension of the classroom for activities that differentiate it from the classroom.
looking at the Library with Visual and physical access to secure outdoor planting and learning areas.