LSW Welcomes Architectural Designers: Ashley Beard, Logan Goins, and Sanjay Sridhar

August 08, 2023 by LSW Architects

We are thrilled to introduce three new members to our team! Ashley Beard, Logan Goins, and Sanjay Sridhar are all joining us as Architectural Designers. Their passion and expertise will enhance our capabilities as we strive to deliver exceptional services and drive innovation in the industry.

Ashley Beard is a dedicated designer with a Master's and Bachelor's in Architecture from Washington State University, complemented by a minor in construction management. Returning to her beloved hometown of Vancouver, WA, she is committed to giving back to her community by contributing to its sustainable development and creating spaces that enhance lives while benefiting the planet. Ashley's passion for design, combined with her enthusiasm and determination to tackle challenges, makes her a valuable asset to any team. As Ashley begins this new chapter in her career, she invites collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations to join her in shaping a sustainable future for Vancouver.

Logan Goins is a highly skilled architectural designer with a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Miami University. His expertise lies in urban culture, service learning, sustainability, and housing. With a meticulous and technical approach, Logan guides clients seamlessly from concept to final construction. His diverse portfolio includes single-family residences, corporate headquarters, and large-scale mixed-use developments, all reflecting a harmonious blend of creativity and functionality. Sustainable practices and human-centric design are at the core of his work, driven by a passion for enriching lives and enhancing communities. Logan's dedication and expertise make him a valuable contributor to the field of architecture.

Sanjay Sridhar is a dynamic architectural designer with a global perspective in integrated design and urban planning. Educated internationally with a Master's in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Landscape Design, he uses his unique experiences to create world-class multifamily housing and master planning projects. Originally from India, his design career began in Kuwait, where he developed a passion influenced by global trends and cultures. Collaborating with design teams in many major cities, Sanjay's skills in impactful urban experiences, multicultural understanding, and adaptability shine through in each project, resulting in functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. As a locally-focused and globally-minded professional, he prioritizes collaboration and communication, supporting teams, owners, and projects at the highest level. With expertise as a licensed drone pilot and photographer, Sanjay enhances early-stage design visualization and site analysis.