Meg Harvey, Spencer Anderson, and Chris Spurgin


LSW Architects Names New Associates and Associate Principal

Written August 18, 2021 by LSW Admin

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of three remarkable individuals who continue to elevate the quality of work delivered by the firm, promote collaboration, and execute peer mentorship on a daily basis, as well as uphold LSW Architect’s mission to love and serve our community. We give our congratulations to Meg Harvey and Spencer Anderson, who have been named Associates, and Chris Spurgin, who has been promoted to Associate Principal.

Since taking the reins as Marketing Director in 2019, Meg has proven to be a natural leader and team player. She has significantly impacted the branding and creative processes at LSW while expertly fusing the heart and dedication of our team into all the collateral representing the firm. As an Associate, she will continue to integrate brand standards across LSW’s internal and external touch points while also expanding our message across key markets. 

Spencer has been with LSW since 2016 with a focus on the firm’s mixed-use and residential housing efforts, specifically projects with high sustainability goals. There, he has excelled in advocating for design solutions that put people first and considers the impact of our work over short and long-term. Looking ahead, he will continue to bring a unique perspective and eye for critical details to LSW’s growing housing efforts, where our broader goal is to support healthy, accessible growth across Southwest Washington and its neighboring communities.

Chris has been an integral part of the firm’s housing and medical project efforts, helping to develop and guide teams in the pursuit of excellent work for clients. He came to LSW in 2019, bringing decades of experience and knowledge that he has generously used to support individuals across the firm. Moving forward, Chris will continue to play a key role in broadening LSW’s affordable housing and medical footprint, focusing on areas of opportunity where we can advocate for equitable design solutions and public outreach campaigns.