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LSW Appoints 8 New Associates

June 29, 2020 by LSW Admin

VANCOUVER, Washington – LSW Architects is celebrating the appointment of 8 new Associates. The individuals are current architecture and interior design team members:

  • Kristina Daarud
  • Eric Nielssen
  • Amy Noe
  • Megan Olson
  • Kourtney Strong
  • Trevor Weltzer
  • Heather Winkel
  • Farleigh Winters
The firm recognizes the impact that each of these team members make and the long-term value they bring. “We are very grateful for these amazing people and their unique talents, experience, and commitment to excellence every day,” said Esther Liu, Principal at LSW. When it comes to team development, LSW focuses its efforts on honing unique skills, commitment to the firm’s values and goals, and mentorship. This is what drives the firm’s overarching mission of love and service to community.