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Kicking Off 2020: Quarterly Launch

January 14, 2020 by LSW Admin

At the start of each quarter, the whole team at LSW gets together for an afternoon outside the office. There, we talk, listen, and dream big. Our Quarterly Launches, as they’re called here, are a critical fixture on the calendar.

These meetings give leadership an opportunity to check-in with everyone and provide a deeper look at the company’s vision moving forward. At the same time, they make space for employees to ask pressing questions, get involved in long-term planning, and learn what is happening across the company. Like everything we do, it’s about building a sense of connection and community.

In addition to this year’s retrospective on 2019 and overview for the year ahead, the day’s agenda included a series of smaller workshops that focused on specific areas of LSW’s capabilities and how each one plugs into the roadmap. This was layered with opportunities for everyone to weigh in, provide feedback in real-time, and express their own interest in getting involved in different areas of the company.

There were plenty of highlights from the day, which people are still buzzing about. From reflections on 2019 to the groundwork for 2020 success, the afternoon was filled with moments of gratitude and excitement. Thanks to everyone at LSW for being there and making it special, and Brickstone Ballroom for hosting us.