Vancouver Innovation, Technology & Arts Elementary School

Vancouver, WA
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Located in Downtown Vancouver, VITA is the first within Downtown city limits and the only purpose-built elementary school in the country that supports project-based learning. Open, studio-like settings offer students ‘Voice and Choice' with plenty of flexible, multi-purpose spaces and stations. Everything from the seating to walls can be moved or reconfigured around the needs of students, teaching methodologies, and projects – with the goal of supporting the way that each child learns best.

Reinforcing that learning happens everywhere – and has no limits, the exploration of our solar system acts as an organizing theme across the entire site. The planets are represented by lighting fixtures inside the school, scaled in size and distance from the sun. Bright colors correspond with the presence of daylight to create a warm, lively transition throughout the building. The unique school environment offers an exciting place for students to participate in hands-on learning while exploring the past, present, and future of the local area.

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