Birding, Biophilic Design


Birding, Biophilic Design, and the Importance of Being Present

May 27, 2021 by LSW Admin

Nature is our greatest teacher. We’ve not yet plumbed the depths and beauty of its grand design.

And as we spend time in nature, it can inspire us to become better, more acutely aware designers and people. For architect Chris Spurgin, and his partner Kate Walsh Spurgin, this inspiration and even healing came from nature in the form of watching birds.

As they fell in love with the natural world more deeply through this shared passion-- they also found their love growing in new ways. So this is part love story, but it’s also much more than that. It’s two people finding inspiration and caring for themselves by being outdoors.

In all of our work, we emphasize the importance of connecting the built environment with the world outside. We know that feeling close to nature (its rhythms, colors, sounds and smells) is good for the human experience, whether at school, in gyms, hospitals, airports, and stores. Everywhere.

As we consider everything that has happened in the last year and the real need for grounding daily practices, this conversation with Chris and Kate reminds us of how important it is to appreciate the natural world. To exercise that feeling of being connected to it. To look after our mental health. And most importantly, to take care of ourselves and the people we love. (Illustrations: Chris Spurgin / Additional Photos and Videos by Kate Walsh Spurgin)