Staff, students, and the board all stand in a line to cut the ribbon outside the entrance of Mountain View High School's new building in Vancouver, Washington.


Staff, Students and Board Cut Ribbon at New Mountain View High School Building

August 30, 2022

In 2018, the Mountain View High School community rallied to support a voter-approved bond measure that would include funds for a new school building. The team at LSW was thrilled about the opportunity to reimagine a modern home for the school and design a space that supports its well-established community atmosphere and culture. Four exciting and action-packed years later, the school community ceremoniously began a new chapter by cutting the ribbon outside their new home.

“The band played, the football team paraded in proudly, the community filtered in with excitement, and finally the ribbon was cut by the Board, students and staff, standing side by side… As one of the few people who have been a part of the planning, design and construction of Mountain View High School, it was truly incredible to stand in the new courtyard and take this all in,” said Kourtney Strong, Associate Principal at LSW, who's efforts have been instrumental in the delivery of this remarkable space. “I couldn't be more excited for the students of Mountain View to be welcomed to their new school, and also for each and every individual who has played one of the countless parts in making this project such a success. Go Thunder!”

Our warmest congratulations to the staff, students, and families that make up the Evergreen Public Schools community. This has been a true honor.

The Mountain View High School band is playing rally songs at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Mountain View High School students celebrating the opening of their new school, dressed in football attire.

All images courtesy of Riff_ Creative