WSU Summer Immersion Studio


In keeping with our commitment to mentorship and proactively contributing to the community, LSW hosted a summer immersion studio for graduate level architecture students from Washington State University. WSU initiates this yearly summer course to connect students with the architectural workforce so they interact with architects and gain exposure to the profession. Our staff who are experienced in teaching at the college level developed a syllabus, provided instructors, and furnished studio space in our office for 12 students over the 7-week summer studio.


Project: “Multi-Family Housing: Through a Lens”

Our studio project on multi-family housing was a popular choice for the architecture students, exercising their ability to design a building on a real site, interfacing with real clients and consultants. The concept behind the project was to learn from precedent studies by adapting and applying the concepts to this given condition. Significant housing projects from all over the world were analyzed, furthering their knowledge of architectural precedents. Students then personalized their explorations by focusing on issues of sustainability, community, gentrification, and urban dwelling. Their final designs, which included several stories of housing over retail and community amenities, were developed to an impressive degree of detail and exhibited creativity and conceptual clarity. The students enjoyed not only the coursework but also our open studio space, vibrant culture, and our location in the Vancouver/Portland metro area.