Union Ridge Elementary School

  • LOCATION: Ridgefield, WA
  • COMPLETED: 2014


A $49 million bond passed in February 2012 provided funds for new educational facilities to supplement the existing buildings at each of Ridgefield School District’s campuses.  The new two-story, 38,000 sq ft building at Union Ridge Elementary School includes twelve classrooms, group teaching spaces, a commons, and a new gymnasium.  Additionally, the existing baseball field was renovated into a district field, to be used by the community and both middle school and high school teams.

The additions at Union Ridge and South Ridge elementary schools use similar floor plan concepts, but each building is given its own unique attributes. The new Union Ridge classroom building is situated between the existing Union Ridge Elementary School and View Ridge Middle School in the heart of downtown Ridgefield. Its classical design of traditional brick and precast concrete complements the surrounding community.

Collaborative learning environments were encouraged.  Each level of the classroom wing contains six classrooms grouped around a co-operative learning space.  The co-op connects to a learning lab.  These spaces provide additional locations for students to work independently, in groups, or as a class.  Additionally, a glass roll-up door in the first floor learning lab connects the classrooms to the exterior, providing flexibility in hands-on learning opportunities.  The school meets the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP).