LSW has been fortunate to aid communities all over the world. We are committed to helping our local, regional and global community. Whether it be through encouraging our staff to volunteer locally to help those less fortunate, or facilitating pro-bono planning and design work for local non-profits, or partners overseeing work in Africa, we use our talents to assist in making change.

Partners:  Journeyman International, Youth with a Mission, Ten Talents International, 100 Fold Studio, Mission Twenty-Five 35

LSW Future Architects


LSW was introduced to Peter Shrimpton who is the founder of Heart Capital, an organization of social enterprises aimed at helping those of need in Africa.  One of those projects establishes working models of small micro homes and agricultural tunnels that provide opportunities for efficient growing of crops and community education through outreach programs. This Vocational Village will enhance the working models through thoughtful architecture and a masterplan is designed to be replicated throughout South Africa. The villages are volunteer led and will teach the local, underprivileged community about business models and efficient farming techniques. Inhabitants of nearby townships will rotate through the village so they can learn the needed skills to replicate the models and teach their own communities.

Burkina Faso - Maranatha Hospital

The Maranatha Hospital is the first of six regional medical clinics in Western Burkina Faso. The hospital adopts a cohesive campus plan offering a unique perspective on strategies to update existing infrastructure and integrate healthcare into the community. These clinics will be outfitted to care for the real and everyday needs of the community and will mark the first time that many Burkinabe’ will have access to healthcare. It strives to improve life for the Burkinabe’ community by facilitating access to quality, affordable health care, educational opportunities and community development programs.

Dominican Republic - Collective Agreement

In partnership with Journeyman International designers, the Collective Agreement is a multi-phased masterplan complex consisting of greenhouse and aquaponic faming, water filter and plastic recycling factory, technical training classrooms, medical clinic, and community center. With Mission Twenty-Five 35, Rick Romero and his family have dedicated their lives to reducing the poverty rate of the DR and provide those with clean water, education, and a means to earn an income through the Collective Agreement. LSW has been involved with the design and construction of multiple phases of the project and will continue to support the underprivileged community through M2535.

South Africa – Pneumatix School

LSW was given the opportunity to travel to South Africa for the Pneumatix School and Film School Africa. The two schools share a beautiful site in South Africa and host students from all over the world including local townships. Visiting the site allowed us to recognize the needs, research building analysis, and gain an understanding of the community the project impacts in order to create successful and functional architecture. The renovation and repurposing of the existing Manor House to host business and social functions allows a constant revenue stream to feed into improvements and additions to the school hosted on this site. The school provides unique and direct opportunities for students that do not have access to resources to explore their dreams and creativity let alone provide for themselves and their families; we help the Pneumatics School create opportunity.

Togo - YWAM Campus

LSW has created a a master plan for a YWAM (Youth with a Mission) campus in Togo, Africa. One of the most important aspects to the project is that the buildings on the new campus be accepted by the community.  Instead of being built in the style of Western architecture, the buildings are designed to use local materials, methods, and manpower.  Once Constructed, the project will provide jobs and needed skills to the locals and create a safe campus to teach the community.

Rwanda - Ten Talents Youth Center

Partnering with Ten Talents International, LSW is working to create a youth center near Kigali, Rwanda.  While the ultimate goal is for the new center to provide a feeling of family to the kids staying there, it is also important for campus to be able to support itself.  The café/kitchen will provide jobs and a place to eat for the community.  Since water is expensive, rainwater harvesters will be used to capture water during the monsoon season.  LSW is also exploring other sustainable design features that will provide economic benefits for the Youth Center.