LSW Architects

  • LOCATION: Vancouver, WA
  • COMPLETED: 2014


At LSW, we are about using architecture as a tool to change lives, a concept that drove the design of our new office space in the Esther Short Building. Comprised of 7,000 sq ft, our office is focused on collaboration and innovation, evident in the variety of meeting and work spaces present and our chosen fixtures and finishes.

At the entrance, a large picture window reveals the LSW Café, an informal gathering space where we invite our staff, our clients and friends to grab an espresso in a relaxing atmosphere. The space serves many purposes – on any given day it is used as a comfortable space for lunch, a setting for product presentations, a ‘touch-down’ place for clients when they are downtown, an art gallery, or an informal meeting space.  Designed with reclaimed wood, dark colors, and dramatic lighting, the Café’s aesthetic is juxtaposed against the bright and modern feel of the rest of the office.

Opportunities abound for brainstorming, idea-sharing, and project pin-ups using full-height glazing and walls covered with magnetic and dry erase paints.  Formal and informal meetings occur in a variety of meeting areas, including large and small conference rooms, the Café, the Porch, and the Lab.  The Lab is a multi-purpose space that serves as our product library, an active collaboration area, and large meeting space. It also is used as a design studio for high school students participating in Design CoMission. Unique features include color changing LED can lights that allow designers to mimic different lighting conditions.

The open, airy feeling of the Design Studio allows our staff to easily collaborate on projects, as well as learn from each other. Each work station is outfitted with a motorized sit-to-stand desk, allowing flexibility to decide what arrangement is most comfortable. The wide expanse of floor-to-ceiling glazing lining our Studio allows it to feel like it lies inside Esther Short Park – the oldest public square in the state of Washington.

Adjacent to our Studio is a corner space that we call the Porch. Outfitted with reclaimed wood flooring, ample glazing and writeable walls, this room faces City Hall, the Interstate Bridge and Vancouver’s waterfront development. Used for weekly staff meetings and as a favorite conference room, this unique space transforms in a snap – into an inspiring venue for ping-pong.