Excelsior School

  • LOCATION: Washougal, WA
  • COMPLETED: 2017


Excelsior School offers alternative options for students who learn better outside of the typical school environment.  Formerly housed in portable buildings adjacent to Washougal High School, the new 11,000 sq ft one-story building will provide permanent learning space for up to 90 students and three staff members.

The school houses a large commons area, classrooms, conference areas, an instructional kitchen, and an administrative area.  The building is designed to be used for after-hours community events as well, resulting in the commons being a prominent feature of the building.  The wood roof structure is exposed, bringing an element of warmth to the space.  Large windows with seating on the south wall highlight views and provide places for students to study and socialize.  Adjacent to the commons is the instructional kitchen.  A café island provides an additional area for gathering and education. A light-filled corridor leads to the classrooms and a covered outdoor educational area that includes planter boxes for gardening and a small greenhouse.

Excelsior Timelapse