Evergreen Rowhomes

  • LOCATION: Vancouver, WA
  • COMPLETED: 2006


Located two blocks east of historic Officer’s Row in Vancouver, this project is significant in many ways. It brought new construction of owner-occupied homes into an established neighborhood, removing a safety concern and contributing to the neighborhood goals of reinforcing the historic nature in the Hudson’s Bay community. It also contributed to the City’s goals of increasing density, reducing the impact of automobiles in neighborhoods, and connecting pedestrians with area parks.

The upscale rowhomes replaced two units of older housing stock. While not “period style” architecture, the new housing reflects historical details such as copper-clad roofing, bay windows, asphalt shingles that mimic a shake-shingle roof, and specific color tones. Tall, vertical window fenestration and transom windows reflect design elements found on Officer’s Row.

Pavers in the central courtyard and in bands across the driveway create a human scale and introduce the old village feel of a cobbled street. A trellis on the back of each garage and wrought iron guardrails surrounding decks and patio gardens encourage the introduction of vegetation into the courtyard.