Crestline Elementary School

  • LOCATION: Vancouver, WA
  • COMPLETED: 2014


In February of 2013, the original Crestline Elementary School was lost to fire.  From start to finish, this project is an amazing example of state, city, and community support.

After the loss of the original school, the Evergreen Public Schools district staff worked to prepare a plan to return students to school as quickly as possible.  Within four days, the Crestline students and staff were placed in other schools in district.  The community showed their support by donating vital supplies to replace the ones lost in the fire. Once the immediate need was fulfilled, the district began planning the new Crestline Elementary School.

The replacement facility uses the district’s prototypical floor plan for elementary schools with minor changes.  Totaling 63,400 sq ft, the two-story building houses classrooms, cooperative learning spaces, a commons, administrative areas, a media center, and a gymnasium.  The school is larger than the former building, providing expanded learning opportunities through an early childhood center.  The new school complies with the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP), providing a healthy and safe place for the students and staff.  The new school was occupied by the fall of 2014.