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LSW Updates Sustainability Action Plan

January 18, 2022 by Esther Liu

At LSW, we have an important opportunity: to provide thoughtful leadership on what it means to be a steward of our community and environment. What we design has an impact that often extends far beyond our own lives. When we consider our communities and the people who will benefit or suffer because of our work, it’s clear that sustainability must be wholly integrated in our practice.   

Publishing the first version of our Sustainability Action Plan in 2020 was an important milestone for LSW. This effort was driven by a cohort of passionate designers who modeled the grit and determination needed to create a positive cultural/professional shift that benefited everyone. We are so grateful and proud to support their efforts. 

As we release version two of the Sustainability Action Plan, our call to action is broader and more urgent. This work is not for the impassioned few; it’s too big and too important. Our challenge is to make the ideas, lenses, and goals within this document as integrated and natural to designers across the firm as drawing with a sharp pencil. And from there, to create a meaningful change across our community, which elevates the experience of all people in it.  

To everyone who has devoted their time, energy, and love to this plan and all that it represents for the future, both at the firm and across our community, I am truly humbled and grateful to work alongside you.

Esther Liu, AIA  

President, LSW Architects  

Please use the following link to download version two of LSW's Sustainability Action Plan