2 new Associates, 2 Associate Principals, and 2 Principals, all of whom make a continuous impact on our Vancouver community.


LSW Celebrates New Principals, Associate Principals, and Associates at Fourth Quarter Launch, 2021

Written October 29, 2021 by LSW Admin

LSW’s fourth quarter launch of 2021 was, among other things, a great celebration of people. We often talk about people being the heart and soul of the firm, the ones who transform our positive intentions at the beginning of each day into meaningful design choices and interactions. This was especially true as we acknowledged and celebrated the promotion of six individuals who are assuming new leadership roles, including two new Associates, two Associate Principals, and two Principals, all of whom make a continuous impact on our community.


Brent Young and Jason Olson were named Principals at LSW.

Jason Olson

Over the course of two-plus decades at the firm, Jason Olson has proven to be a high-asset to any team, a trusted partner to LSW’s clients, and a natural leader who instills confidence in everyone who works with him.

“Jason is a rock to his teams. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with him for decades and am constantly impressed by the way he carries himself in every situation: always prepared, always making space for his team to shine, just completely unflappable. This extends to our clients, too, who take great confidence in Jason's ability to lead and get things done. I’m so excited for him and our team.”  Casey Wyckoff, CEO and President 

Brent Young

Brent is both a mentor and someone who continually elevates the quality of work and team collaboration. He is also a major proponent for sustainability and a leader of business development at the firm and as Principal, he will continue to focus on these areas, aiming to raise the bar for design and impact.  

“Brent is the person in everyone’s corner. People across the firm trust him to provide insight, helpful feedback and genuine care, because they know that he wants to bring out the best in all of us. We’re so grateful for all that he does and we’re so excited to see him step into this new and ever-more important role.” Esther Liu, President and Principal

Associate Principals 

LSW has also named Kourtney Strong and Farleigh Winters as Associate Principals. 

Kourtney Strong

Equally talented as a communicator and wrangler of details, Kourtney is a highly effective leader at the firm. Her ability to keep a team united and motivated in working through large, complex projects is inspirational.  

Kourtney has an incredible way about her: she is completely fair and respectful to everybody, but still laser-focused on details and results. I think that’s one of the reasons why she is so appreciated by all team members.” Chad Daarud, Associate 

Farleigh Winters

Since joining LSW in 2014, Farleigh has brought her skills and passions to the field of sustainable design, where she has proven to be a natural leader, spearheading efforts to elevate, benchmark and expand processes in ways that will benefit our clients and community for generations. 

“Farleigh is an all-star. Time and again, she has led the charge in conducting deep, analytical research that has proven crucial to the success of our work, including the necessary historic, regulatory, and social information. At the same time, she has been instrumental in making her research and insight available, understandable, and useful to her team.”  Esther Liu, President and Principal


Shanan Pickett and Christian Korta were named the newest Associates at LSW. 

Shanan Picket 

As the firm’s lead on Project Support, Shanan is an organizational powerhouse who impacts teams at all stages of project development. Since starting at LSW in 2005, she has become a trusted resource to all, continuously pushing herself and teams to find new ways of working smarter, faster, and with a higher focus on quality. 

"We are all very blessed to have Shanan here at LSW. She's an amazing person with a unique skill set of tools, who I value both as a friend and co-worker. Her ability to help keep me organized in CA is so appreciated, and I could not do what I do without her. She's always there for me no matter what, whether it's submittals, RFI's, AIA docs, pay applications...or just to be there as a friend to talk to about the silliest or most serious of things. And she's sneaky funny - we always try to make each other laugh and smile no matter what!” Eric Nielsen, Associate Principal 

Christian Korta 

Christian brings energy and a deep passion for high-impact design that has proven invaluable to LSW’s clients and internal teams. Since joining LSW in 2016, he has earned the trust, respect and admiration of his peers through both his work ethic and creativity.

“During my time working alongside Christian, I've seen his efforts to develop his collaboration and teamwork skills. Christian works hard to make the hard work look easy and he has made great strides in working to find balance and be a teammate you can rely on. This recognition is a step forward for Christian and a confirmation of one of our core values that Design Matters.” Chris Spurgin, Associate Principal