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LSW Architects Release Sustainability Action Plan

November 05, 2020 by LSW Admin

The team at LSW is excited to publish the inaugural version of our Sustainability Action Plan. We are grateful to everyone who has put time and energy into making this document a working representation of what we’re doing to address climate change and design with the health, happiness, and well-being of future generations in mind.

Please use the following link to download the Sustainability Action Plan

As architects, we are in a position to address climate change by channeling our efforts toward sustainable and resilient design practices. That is why we are committed to researching, implementing, tracking, and refining processes that make our current and future impact a key decision-making priority and a benchmark for project success.

Here, Architects and Associates, Farleigh Winters, Trevor Weltzer, and Principal, Esther Cho Liu, explain why sustainability is both important to them personally and to our firm.