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Key Takeaways from LSW’s Quarterly Meeting

March 04, 2021 by LSW Admin

LSW recently hosted its first Quarterly Kickoff Meeting of 2021 via Zoom. This digital format allowed our entire team to safely gather for an afternoon dedicated to discussing annual goals, plans for the year, and company news. To give members of our community a window to the Big Picture items on this year’s agenda, we’ve prepared a snapshot of the biggest takeaways.

Setting the tone for 2021

A big talking and discussion point was the firm’s focus for 2021. The short answer: doubling down on the success of our employees, paying extra attention to collaboration tools and processes, and doing everything in our power to help our community and clients.

As far as COVID safety protocols go, we will be continuing to primarily work remotely through to mid-summer. We’re hopeful and planning for a partial return to in-person operations after that. In the meantime, our efforts and energy are being dedicated to the processes, values, and skills that helped us navigate the uncertainty of 2020. Specifically, LSW will be investing time and energy into team member engagement, client care, and community impact.

LSW Leadership: Esther Liu, Casey Wyckoff, Shara Wokal

LSW President, Esther Liu, CEO Casey Wyckoff, and CFO Shara Wokal

Leadership announcements

Esther Liu, a Principal at LSW since 2018, has been named President of the firm. In addition to heading up mixed-use and housing projects, Esther’s ability to inspire growth and excellence in our design team make her a truly impactful leader. Her role as President expands her reach across the firm as she works with leadership to accomplish LSW’s ambitious goals. “I’m humbled by this opportunity and am so excited to serve this growing team and make 2021 the start of a brave chapter for our community.”

Former President, Casey Wyckoff, has transitioned his role to CEO of LSW. Casey’s creativity, unique perspective, and love for people have been the catalyst for many great initiatives that continue to grow. This move will provide him more time and resources to increase his focus on community, innovation, and growth strategies for LSW.

Shara Wokal, LSW’s CFO and head of Human Resources, has taken on an additional role as Lead Integrator. This involves working with department managers to connect project goals with internal teams, and really taps into her unique strengths as an administrator: streamlining systems, inspiring people, and creating solutions.

Celebrating our work

We are incredibly proud of the tenacity and quality of work produced by LSW’s design team and our partnering consultants. To say that the last few quarters have been challenging is an understatement. Between a wildfire, a pandemic, ice storms, and all your typical hurdles that crop up during construction, the team has been phenomenal. With many of our K-12 projects under construction or close to completion, we’re excited about seeing them steer toward opening their doors to a community that has (hopefully) made it through the worst of this pandemic.

Fir Grove / Vista will be moving toward substantial completion at the end of the first quarter, with one significant update: it will be known as the Jim Tangeman Center. This new name is an homage to the longtime Vancouver Public Schools administrator and principal who dedicated his life’s work to advocating for students with special needs and their families.

Mountain View High School Beam Signing

The Mountain View High School team ( with Skanska and R&C Management) was able to celebrate the installation of the school’s first steel beams with a signing ceremony.

Pictured above are: Sheri Walker, Matt Johnson, Rashonda Waters-Smith and Bob Procive.

The Mountain View High School team (with Skanska and R&C Management) was able to celebrate the installation of the school’s first steel beams with a signing ceremony. To get a closer look at the Thunder Family’s new home, take a flythrough tour here.

The Interior Design Studio has similarly been busy hiring and expanding services in new markets. We’re excited to welcome Missy Sherratt to the team and look forward to seeing her help the studio continue its incredible progress.

The design and completion of Vancouver iTech Preparatory has been a labor of love and a privilege for the team at LSW. We’re excited to be guiding an A4LE virtual tour of the school on March 9th and look forward to sharing more about this unique school program that is nurturing great innovators.   

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School was designed to reflect the warmth, care, and passion that its staff and students bring to these grounds each day. LSW Designer, Kyle Rogers, and Capital Projects Lead, Whitney Henion, talk us through the school’s features and how these reinforce three main themes: community, sustainability, and connection.

Elements Restaurant

Elements Restaurant

Elements Restaurant is one of many treasured, local gems close to home and to our hearts. It was a labor of love to design their new parklet, complete with a driftwood motif, just in time for in-person dining to begin in Washington again.

A huge thank-you to our partners at Riff_ for their help and creative fire in putting this new parklet together so quickly. Check it out and please support the small businesses that have moved mountains to stay open through this year.

Staying positive

Last year taught us many difficult lessons, but it also revealed possibilities and gave us an opportunity to reimagine how and where we do our best work. Our teams rallied, remained positive, and delivered excellence in the face of constant changes. We’re excited to lean into these lessons and create more opportunities for the team to do brave, impactful work that inspires and connects with people, and thrills our clients.