Design Camp


LSW Architects hosted its inaugural year of Young Architects Design Camp, a program designed to foster creativity and exploration in elementary aged children as well as staff. The program is a week-long camp where children are exposed to the world of architecture in a way that is both fun and educational for them. The activities are designed to make sure that campers have something to take home at the end of the week of their own creation as well as giving them an opportunity to learn more about what it means to create. Although camp emphasizes drawing and building, the group does not hesitate at the chance to do activities outdoors, play games, have free time, and be silly. LSW hopes to expand the program and reach more people in the upcoming summers as it continues to strengthen and engage the community.


This year, students worked on a design for their own treehouse which consisted of their creation of floorplans, layouts, and a final model. At the end of the week, children had the opportunity to show their treehouse creations to their family and friends in LSW’s Café. In addition to the tree house project, the children had several other activities such as tie dying, sketchbook making, gum drop towers, planting seeds, and a collaborative painting. The children also had the opportunity to thank those who have served in the armed forces by making cards for our local VA hospital.

The last day the camp had the opportunity to meet Mayor Tim Levitt and get a tour of city hall from him, learning about the city that they live in and all the necessary things a city needs built and done to thrive.  Although camp spent much of their time creating, they got to explore how a community works and the importance of giving back – both things which strongly contribute to becoming a great architect and designer.